Zoom highlights the iPad Pro’s Center Stage camera effect

With support for Center Stage in the new Zoom version, the front camera of the iPad Pro 2021 will follow you during your video calls. Within limits, of course.
Photo: Zoom

Zoom users with a 2021 iPad Pro will be able to use the tablet’s Center Stage effect which keeps them galloping into the front camera during video calls.

And Zoom 5.6.6 will also allow Apple tablet users to see a lot more people in the gallery view.

Zoom supports the central scene

The front-facing camera on the newly released iPad Pro can act like it’s moving, even when it’s not. The effect, called Center Stage, uses a 12 MP wide-angle camera to keep the user centered during video calls as they move from side to side.

At launch, only Apple’s FaceTime video conferencing app supported Center Stage. But Apple made the trick available to any third-party app that wanted to use it, and Zoom quickly jumped at the chance.

“With support for Center Stage, you can participate more naturally in our Zoom video calls,” the developer said Wednesday. “Never worry again about whether you’re out of the frame during a workout, teaching a class, or celebrating with friends and family on Zoom.”

IPad can display up to 48 videos in Gallery view

Previously, Zoom did not take full advantage of the iPad’s large screen. There was a limit of 25 meeting participants on the screen at any one time. But the app can now display up to 48 participants on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

To view more people in a meeting on any iPad, use the pinch gesture to zoom with two fingers.

And the improvement is also available for small tablets. “Many iPad models also benefit from an extended gallery view, and these users will see a few additional participants on a single screen, depending on the device,” says Zoom.

This support and that of Center Stage on new iPad models are available in Zoom 5.6.6, coming soon to the app store.

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