Xiaomi 12T Pro: the camera test



Xiaomi 12T Pro with its 200 MP sensor becomes the first smartphone with photographic performance in the premium category ($600 – $800).

Xiaomi 12T and Xiaomi 12T Pro are Xiaomi’s high-end proposals for the second part of 2022. They are already available on the market and have introduced many new features compared to the predecessors Xiaomi 11T and Xiaomi 11T Pro, which are still excellent purchases.

In particular, the Pro model adopts a 200 MP photographic sensor around which a lot of curiosity has been aroused.

How does the Xiaomi 12T Pro behave in the photographic field? The answer is given to us by the DxOMark portal, which never misses an opportunity to test the photographic performance of smartphones and more, establishing a ranking that helps us understand which takes the best.

How does Xiaomi 12T Pro take photos?

The Xiaomi 12T Pro occupies the first position in the ranking of premium smartphones (those between 600 and 800 dollars), leaving behind products such as the iPhone 13 Mini and the iPhone 12. It obtains an average of 129 points. The highest rating is for the video part (134), followed by the photographic part (130). It goes down to 101 for zoom, down to 70 and 71 for bokeh effect and preview fidelity.

According to DxOMark, the smartphone manages to capture a good dose of detail in bright light and indoors, while the result drops a little if you use the flash. Good exposure and colors, as well as detail in telephoto shots. For videos, the good exposure, wide dynamic range and effective video stabilization were appreciated.

There are many less compelling aspects, according to the portal. Among these are the limited dynamic range, the presence of artifacts and ghosting (the unwanted blurring effect on photos), underexposure on night shots, lack of detail on ultra shots wide-angle, and sudden exposure changes in videos. And also, autofocus errors in videos.

It is no coincidence that he finished 18th overall.

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