Top 10 best Android selfie camera apps – 2019


Selfies have managed to become very popular in recent years. The same can be said for selfie camera apps, in fact. There are a lot of apps available on the Google Play Store that focus on selfies, and some of them are really good.

Well, if you’re looking for an app that will help you boost your selfie game, we’ve got you covered. We have listed eight selfie camera apps below. There are more compelling selfie camera apps available in the Play Store, but these are our top picks.

Each of these apps has their own unique features, and they’re all pretty compelling in their own way. Note that these apps are not listed in any specific order. That said, do not hesitate to consult them.

Best friend

Bestie Camera360 Selfie App Image August 2019

Bestie is one of the most popular selfie camera apps in the Play Store. This camera offers real-time skin beautifying effects, including over 100 filters for portrait selfies. This app also allows you to play with animated stickers if you like. The camera is also fast enough for taking selfies, and it has precise face detection and tracking technology. The app is free, although ads are included here.

Sweet camera

Sweet Camera app image August 2019

This app also offers real-time beauty effects. There are tons of fun face filters you can use here, and the same goes for the makeup filter camera. You can smooth and whiten your face with this app, if you want, while a full-featured photo editor is included. This app also allows you to dye your own hair in a picture and even make your waist smaller if you want. This is possible because a body editor is also included in the app, so you can affect other parts of your body as well.


FaceFun app image August 2019

FaceFun is a real-time selfie camera with live filters. Motion stickers are part of the packaging just like makeup stickers. You can perform face swaps with live stickers if you like, while a body shape selfie editor is also included. You can create a private gallery in this app, to avoid prying eyes. The FaceFun app also allows you to modify your hairstyle, if you want.


Image of the BeautyPlus application August 2019

BeautyPlus is another very popular selfie camera app. This app is from Meitu Limited and actually offers a pretty compelling user interface. This app comes with a ton of features that you might find attractive. A full skin editor is included in the app, and so is the eye editor. For example, you can erase bags and dark circles under your eyes. The automatic live editing option is available, and so are a ton of other professional tools.

Candy camera

Candy Camera app image August 2019

Candy Camera has been around for a while and has over three million reviews. This app comes with beautifying filters, a pretty diverse range of filters, actually. This app can slim you down, put lipstick on your face and even add mascara. A full face editor is included here. You will also have access to tons of stickers in this app, while you can also create collages if you want.

YouCam Perfect

Image from the YouCam Perfect app August 2019

YouCam Perfect brings face and beautifying effects in real time. You can edit your photos using a full fledged photo editor using this app. Among these tools is a cut out and remove object tool, which you don’t often see in similar apps. You can create collages, grids, and frames in this app, while face and body editing tools are included.


Image of application B612 August 2019

The B612 app comes with over 1,500 stickers for you to choose from. Various effects are also available, such as drawing effects, for example. This app can improve your skin tone with just one click, while you can also change your face shape. B612 even lets you add music to your pictures, to make them more fun. Interestingly enough, you can even take some funny boomerang videos that will play on repeat.

Sweet Selfie

Sweet Selfie app image August 2019

Sweet Selfie Camera also brings tons of trendy filters and special stickers. Creating collages is also possible with this app, while you can also use blur effects. A retro image function is available, as are realtime effects. You can also modify your face in post-processing. For example, you can lighten your skin or narrow your nose. There is also a teen whitening tool available, while Sweet Selfie allows you to change your hairstyle as well.

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