Student selling camera online realizes he was scammed – but post won’t return package



A student caught up in fraudsters selling a camera tried to collect his package from the post office before it was sent – but was refused.

Jay Stocks, 17, thought he was selling a camera to someone on Gumtree earlier in the week, and brought it to the main post office on Victoria Street in Grimsby to be mailed.

Later that day he realized that the person he was selling the camera to was a fraudster, after claiming in fake emails claiming to be from Paypal that they accidentally sent him £ 200 worth of money. too much and asked him to send it back. But when he verified his Paypal account, the money hadn’t been sent at all.

The next morning, he went to the Post Office, with his receipt, and asked if they could deliver the package – which had not yet been returned -.

He says he was told they were not allowed to give it to him as the package was no longer his property but that of Royal Mail.

Jay Stocks with his mail receipts

Jay then went to the police station and reported the incident.

He says two officers went to the post office to try and get the package, only to be told they would not receive it either, although it is now part of an active fraud investigation.

Jay, a student at the Grimsby Institute, said: “I tried to sell my camera because a friend promised me a better one at rock bottom prices, so I put it on Gumtree.

“Someone then bought the camera and told me I had to send them proof of posting before I could receive my money through Paypal. So I brought it to the post office, but I missed the delivery time, so it stayed there overnight, and during this time I found out that the person I was selling it to was scamming me .

“So the next morning I went back down to the post office and asked them if I could pick up my package, and they refused saying it was no longer my property.

“Then I went to the police station and told them what had happened, and two officers went to the post office, but they did not even give them the package, even though they were informed that ‘there was an ongoing fraud investigation.

“I can understand that it’s their policy not to return the package to me, but not giving it to the police just doesn’t make sense to me.

“Now I find myself without money or a camera so I can’t get a new one and that will really affect the media course I’m taking. “

Jay Stocks of Grimsby who was scammed over selling his camera, pictured with mum Karen

Jay’s mother Karen says she was briefed on the post office policy, but also says she understands she is saying the police may request that she be able to return a package to someone, and can’t figure out why it didn’t happen.

She said: “It made me really angry, I just don’t understand why they wouldn’t give the package to the police, it’s like they let the scammers get away with it.

“We have been told that the address the camera was sent to is probably not the fraudster’s address, so we just hope the person who lives there is a charitable soul who will help us get it back.”

A spokesperson for the Post said: “It is an offense to delay mail delivery and postmasters are not allowed to stop mail delivery.

“A customer who thinks there may have been criminal activity should contact the police and Royal Mail if they want help trying to intercept any mail item.”

Jay contacted Royal Mail, who he said told him the package was being watched.

A Royal Mail spokesperson said: ‘Unfortunately Royal Mail is unable to intercept a package once it is being sent by post as it is not allowed to an employee of Royal Mail Group Ltd to intercept and return to sender or pass on to police, courier, including parcels. This includes all parcels containing goods sold over the internet, where payment for such goods has been performed and subsequently turned out to be:

– Wrongly addressed by the sender,

– Badly addressed by an automated process by the supplier,

– Ordered with a compromised credit card,

– Refusal of payment by the recipient, and

– Sent before it was discovered that the payment account had been forged.

A spokesperson for Humberside Police said: “We have received reports of potential fraud involving the sale of an item on an online platform and are working with the caller to identify if any violations were committed. “

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