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When it comes to posting photos to Instagram or other social media platforms, vintage filters are perfect! There’s no doubt that vintage effects set both a bold and nostalgic tone that can reinforce a photo’s theme and enhance a charming composition! It’s no surprise that old fashioned photo effects are the thing that stays fashionable even in this modern world!

So, turn any ordinary image into vintage art effects with a wide range of photo editing apps. You can use vintage camera filters for everything from wedding photos to portraits and even other images to bring them back to the good old days. If you want to know how to add vintage camera effects to an ordinary picture, check out the apps below!

Top 5 best apps for vintage camera effects!

Are you ready to know the best apps that can help you add vintage camera filters to your photos? Scroll down and take a look at the apps mentioned below!

  • Camera Filters for Instagram — Lomography

This is the first best vintage photo app on our list! Vintage Lomography Camera filters for Instagram is one of the most popular apps that will render your photos to a perfect level. This app gives you perfect options and wide range of free lomo cam filters. It is a wonderful application that can improve your image quality. Here you will find everlasting and eye-catching effects for Instagram camera. The best thing is that you can shoot retro and hipstamatic photos perfectly.

These app filters add quality and appeal to your photos. The interface of this application is clean, safe and easy to use. You can use retro filters and vintage effects to enhance the image quality and make your image lomographic.

This is another best app to add Vintage camera effects and filters to your photos. This application helps to make your images look even more spectacular and classic even when the flash and glow of your captured photos are not good. In addition, each vintage filter offered by this application corresponds to different styles of retro colors.

People will surely be pleased with this vintage camera as it is efficient and amazing. This photo editor offers everyone a complete set of tools to make vintage images with just a few clicks. Regardless of the type of image/image, the quality and style will be enhanced in the direction of the art you desire!

This is another fantastic photo editing app that can add vintage camera effects to your photos for free. It is a robust and popular application with the best arena of vintage filters. It’s a great place that celebrities and influencers openly endorse. Huji Cam contains a film camera using a wide range of filters and flash leaks. It comes with a super cute feature that brings a relatively authentic background in the process.

Each filter can be adjusted in full screen according to user preference. It has a timestamp which can be easily customized. This timestamp will make your photos look more retro. The best thing is that users can click images using this application, and the system will add effect filters to the image randomly. There is no need to wait long as the images will be developed within moments.

If we talk about the popular photo editing apps to add vintage effects to our photos, how can we miss Snapseed to add to our list? It offers the best filters including Retro and Vintage. It is not a vintage camera but can offer effects that you can add directly. Snapseed is a great all-around editor that comes with tons of amazing features and editing options. It can add various methods that can be used to edit images and make them more unique.

This is a wonderful application that leaves you with no problem. It gives you time stamp options or light leak effects which makes it a perfect photo editor. One of the most popular and usable features is grain filters which can be easily added to your photos. However, each filter present in this app can be adjusted and applied as per user preference.

Last but not least! Neptune Camera is another outstanding and well-known app that comes as a perfect photo editor to add vintage filters and effects to your photos. It is a perfect application that provides the user with a complete set of options to edit their photos. You can choose filters from the vast collection which is 100% free. You can easily customize and edit your photos without any hassle or hurdles. It also gives you a camera option and the ability to edit the images you have already captured.

End words

All above mentioned photo editing apps are best selected for vintage camera effects. So choose and start adding quality and appeal to your photos right now!

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