Pennsylvania helicopter seen ‘floating’ thanks to surreal camera effect


Surreal footage shows helicopter ‘floating’ as it lands with rotor blades appearing to be stationary

  • The rotor blades appear to be stationary as the helicopter flies over the cameraman
  • The blades of the Pennsylvania air ambulance can be heard whirring as it lands
  • Surreal images occur when a camera’s shutter syncs with a rotor

A helicopter appears to be “floating” to land with its rotor blades totally still in bizarre images.

The air ambulance can be heard roaring as it approaches the ground in Pennsylvania, but a spin of the camera makes its blades appear stationary.

The speed of each camera frame (the time it takes for the camera sensor to collect light to create an image) matches that of the blades perfectly, making it look like they’re not moving.

The phenomenon is known as the strobe effect.

The rotating blades at the rear of the helicopter can be seen rotating as they move at a different speed than the main blades at the top.

The footage, which has nearly 100,000 views on Twitter, shows the helicopter entering land, moving to a blue ambulance also at the scene.

The helicopter is one of three “Life Lion” air ambulances that serve south-central Pennsylvania.

Life Lion helicopter in Pennsylvania appears to be floating in mid air with stationary blades after being called in for an emergency


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