New Camera Apps Containing Malware Detected on Google Play Store



Google’s Android ecosystem is home to over three billion users and it’s very lucrative for bad actors to prey on naive mobile owners.

Despite the efforts of search engine giants, hackers are finding innovative ways to circumvent security to introduce apps containing malware to Play Store.

In the latest case, Maxime Ingrao, a French security researcher at Evina Tech, unearthed eight malicious Android camera and photo-editing apps.

The app looks benign, but it is said to harbor shady Autolycos malware, which is classified as dangerous and similar to the infamous Joker.

Fake camera and photo editing apps detected on Google Play Store. Credit: Maxime Ingrao

The modus operandi of apps associated with Autolycos is to illegally subscribe to a bogus premium subscription service without the permission of cell phone owners and fleece money.

Owners will never know how they subscribed to an unwanted service, and it will also be late to recover lost money.

Here is the list of malicious apps:
Vlog Star Video Editor, Creative 3D Launcher, Wow Beauty Camera, Gif Emoji Keyboard, Freeglow Camera, Coco Camera v1.1, Funny Camera by KellyTech and Razer Keyboard & Theme by rxcheldiolola.

Altogether, more than three million people around the world have downloaded the above-mentioned apps and they are at risk of losing money and some may have already lost money.

Ingrao had notified Google of the apps, but it was only recently that the latter removed them from the Play Store. However, those who have already installed them, are advised to uninstall them immediately.

Also, it is recommended to install anti-virus security apps on Android phones to detect malicious apps early before it is too late.

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