How to get the vintage movie camera effect for Instagram


Film photography took a back seat when cell phone cameras were introduced. Instagram has been inundated with professional-looking IG-worthy photos, the ones that look perfect. But now ~ everyone ~ realizes that vintage charm will never go out of fashion. The grainy, overexposed effect of disposable cameras is once again becoming popular. If you want to know how to get film effect for photos on your phone, here are all the apps you can try.

Photo editing apps that can give vintage film camera effect


VSCO offers plenty of photo presets and controls to transform any image. The key here is to take the photo in low light and turn on the flash. Then, in the VSCO app, maximize exposure, vignette, and grain effects to achieve film photo ambience. (Get VSCO on google play and App Store)

We used the M3 filter on VSCO and set the grain and exposure effects to 3.2. WITH THE AUTHORIZATION OF: IRA NOPUENTE

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Disposable film effect (with time stamp)


The free Adobe Lightroom app offers plenty of control options so you can manipulate any image. In this tutorial, Hayley meyer shows how she transformed a regular phone photo to look like an overexposed disposable camera photo. There are a lot of steps involved, but the long process is well worth it. (Turn on Lightroom google play and App Store)

How to simulate a disposable camera effect

Picsart + VSCO

In this tutorial, Amalie Star shows how she blurs an element in her photo using Picsart. She then switches to VSCO to choose a film effect filter. (Put Picsart on google play and App Store)

How I edit to create a film camera effect

RNI and ultralight films

To get a grainy effect on your photo, you can try one of these apps: RNI Films and Ultralight. With RNI Films, you can control the level of “dust” in your photo. Ultralight, on the other hand, has preset filters. (To have RNI Films and Ultralight on the App Store)

Nadine Luster using vintage camera effect

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Nadine Luster using vintage camera effect


This is probably the easiest way to get a disposable camera effect. Open the Huji app, take a photo and wait for it to “expand”. That’s it! You can customize the timestamp to ’98, the current year, or none. (Put Huji on google play and App Store)

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Elisse Joson using vintage camera effect
Elisse Joson using vintage camera effect

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This app is full of many ~ * aesthetic * ~ filters and effects, you will be hard pressed to choose the best combinations to use on your photos and videos. We personally love the Miami filter and the Disco effect for that diffused, sparkling look. (Get Prequel on google play and App Store)

DAZZ Camera

Another user-friendly app with film camera filters, uploading vintage looking photos should be easy. BTW, you can also create trippy looking photos with this app! (Get Dazz Camera on the App Store)

Taken with Dazz Camera

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