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The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra offers the best cell phone camera in CIP tests, but proper use of the camera can reap a lot of benefits over other models as well. Best apps on check.

Cell phone cameras are so powerful that they will always be with you. Despite the many restrictions on their small size and design, smartphones especially with multiple camera lenses could easily accommodate professional cameras for many years. Combined with powerful processors, mini-sensors create some weaknesses despite fixed focal length lenses. This way, even low light photos can be captured with vivid colors.

Among the camera apps offered by smartphone makers, many smart features and modes for everyday use are usually already on board, as is the test winner, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Note 1.0 for the camera Shares with Xiaomi Mi10 very cheap. When the Xiaomi rusts even in daylight, the Samsung can glow in low light. But if you want to use the night mode on devices from other manufacturers, unfortunately you often see the tap.

Solution Google Camera app & Your Porting for devices from different manufacturers. You will find professional features in the apps and as many manual settings as possible Open the camera & Program X..

Google Camera: great photos with just one lens

Samsung Camera app on the left, Google Camera app on the right.

Image: CIP

Google relies on a Camera appEven the best images can be obtained from average material. The so-called Google Camera is only officially available for Pixel smartphones, but thanks to the active entertainment community, it can now be used on other devices as well.

The Google Camera portrait particularly appeals to photo mode enthusiasts. Contrary to its name, it can also be used for other recordings and provides a smooth background reminiscent of images from an SLR camera. If you’re using portrait mode for selfies, expect sharper facial features and a more realistic blurry background.

In addition to the normal camera mode, Google Camera also has a popular night mode. Especially with cheap smartphones, poor lighting conditions can often lead to dark and noisy images. In night mode, the app sharpens images and reexposes them – so you can take good photos in the evening or at night.

The hardware requirements for the Google Camera app are relatively low, but there are still a few things left. We will explain in detail how to do Gigam on your smartphone too Get up and run.

Open Camera: large open source application

Open Camera: Large-scale functions for perfect images.

Integrated: open camera

Open the camera A classic in camera apps. Thanks to the large community and open source development, many handy features have been added. The app may be enthusiastic, but there is a lot going on under the hood.

Important information such as free memory on your device will be displayed directly to you. You can set resolution, white balance, ISO and color effects Open the camera Adjust manually. Smart methods and facial recognition are built in, and a histogram display can be installed upon request.

Panorama logs and HDR photos are no problem in use. Photo enthusiasts will appreciate the app’s adaptability so that the app can be customized to meet their own needs. A remote output is also available, which can be triggered by loud applause if desired.

Program X: The shopping app is always free

ProCamX: turns your smartphone into a stylish professional camera.

Integrated: ProcomX

Paid Android application Program X. Comes with a variety of professional features and turns your cell phone into a powerful digital camera.

Through the app, users benefit from a wide range of features: manual adjustment of ISO values, shutter speed adjustment or perfect white balance is possible. The card also has a time-lapse mode, fast and anti-shake serial picture mode.

Advice: Paid advertising is always available as a free download as part of Free Advertising, which we will notify you on our website as usual. If you want to test the app, there is one Free Lite Edition.

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