Google Pixel 5a Wins MKBHD’s Annual Smartphone ‘Blind Camera Test’ for 2021 [VIDEO]


In a recently released video, famed tech YouTuber Marques “MKBHD” Brownlee revealed the results of this year’s smartphone blind camera test.

In its fourth annual blind smartphone camera test, Brownlee had its Instagram followers vote on identical images from 16 different smartphones launched this year in a completely blind elimination bracket. The phones that captured the most voted photo in each match advanced to the next round.

Although it has been praised year after year for its camera system, 2021 marks the first year an iPhone has made it out of the first round of any of these tests, with the iPhone 13 Pro beating the Motorola Edge. That’s all she wrote for Apple’s 2021 flagship, however, with the Google Pixel 5a easily knocking her out in the second round.

The US$449 Pixel 5a, one of the cheapest phones included in the competition, actually won the whole thing after beating the OnePlus 9 Pro in the final.

As Brownlee points out in his video, this is by no means an objective test. It’s the people’s choice best smartphone camera test.

The practice has nevertheless yielded interesting results. For example, voting trends for the contest suggest that people seem to prefer more “complete” images that incorporate computational photography and light editing, saving them the time and effort needed to retouch the images themselves. themselves.

Also, the price of the phone statistically has no bearing on the test results.

Watch the full video above.

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