Google Pixel 5a budget smartphone wins 2021 ultimate camera blind test


The Google Pixel 5a budget smartphone wins the annual MKBDH Smartphone Blind Camera Comparison. The test and comparison included over 3 million votes and the results were featured on Marques Brownlee’s YouTube channel. What is surprising is that none of the main flagship smartphones made it past the second round.

The 2021 Blind Smartphone Camera Test has remained consistent in proving one thing, it’s nearly impossible to predict the winner. Flagship cameras such as the Samsung Galaxy S21 and Apple iPhone 13 Pro would likely be favorites for most people. However, in blind tests, it seems that the flagships don’t seem to perform very well.

What’s interesting is that for the most part, people seem to prefer brighter, more colorful images, regardless of the technical quality of the image. It may be that flagship smartphones can produce better technical results, although this does not seem to be what most people prefer.

In the video linked above, Brownlee compares the cameras of 16 of the latest smartphones currently on the market. From budget phones to flagship smartphones, the result covers a wide range of different options available today. These types of tests are inherently preference-based, however, it might be useful to see what the majority of people prefer.

Watch the video linked above to see the full test and results and why the Google Pixel 5a won this test.

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