Ezviz LC3 Light-Camera Test: Attractive Surveillance


The Ezviz LC3’s 4MP sensor lets you shoot up to 2560 x 1440 pixels, but the app lets you limit the recording range to 1080p or 720p. The optics allow the diagonal to cover an angle of 157, and Ezviz adds infrared LEDs for night vision. The lamp is used for recording in color after dark, but you won’t see a lot of video settings like other Ezviz cameras like the BC1. Color saturation is not adjusted and no adjustment is provided to control the effect of the backlight.

By day

Netatmo intelligent external surveillance camera
Switzerland LC3

Compare an image taken from a recording provided by Ezviz LC3 during the day Intelligent external surveillance camera With Netatmo – a benchmark in the category of cameras with integrated lighting – the rendering looks very elegant and detailed at first. However, the Swiss camera offers very different images and cannot distinguish all elements in tone even in light or dark areas. Svis has accustomed us a little better, however the quality of the film here is good.

The night

By distinguishing the infrared views of the cameras of Ezviz and Netatmo in our test scene, the finding is the same. Again, thanks to the fact that LC3 has better reproduced its details. However, it’s as far from doing it at night as it is during the day: a lot of information is lost, and the same expression issues prevent tone-on-tone elements from coming out. None of the cameras are therefore really sure of the infrared view.

Netatmo intelligent external surveillance camera
Switzerland LC3

On the Swiss side, it was also difficult to recognize a face that was turned over 2.5 meters. This is not sufficient for an external camera, and we would have liked a little more sensitive motion detection once the recognition of the human form was activated: its range was only about 4.5 meters. Disabling this option allows you to benefit from a higher range – our movements are detected without problem at 9 meters – but the user is exposed to many false alarms.

The built-in lighting in the Ezviz LC3 always allows you to set the bar straight at night. We see a similar detail to that seen during the day, but much brighter elements, even in the distance, can be overexpressed. It is useful to adjust the lamp wattage to prevent an intruder’s face from being completely burned in the log, so that it cannot be identified.

Night view with lighting
Night vision without light

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