Ezviz LC3 camera light review: look under the spotlight


The Ezviz LC3’s 4 MP sensor can capture up to 2560 x 1440 pixels, but the app also lets you lower the definition of recordings to 1080p or 720p. The optics allow it to cover an angle of 157 degrees diagonally, and Ezviz adds infrared LEDs for night vision. The flashlight can also be used for color recording after dark, but you don’t find as many video settings as on other Ezviz cameras, such as the BC1. Color saturation is not adjustable and no adjustment is offered to reduce the effect of backlighting.

Per day

Netatmo Smart Outdoor Security Camera
Ezviz LC3

If we compare an image taken from a recording provided by Ezviz LC3 in broad daylight with another image taken from a recording provided by Ezviz LC3 in broad daylight. intelligent outdoor security camera With Netatmo, a standard in the compact lighting camera segment, rendering is first of all finer and more detailed. However, the Ezviz camera delivers high contrast images and cannot distinguish all elements in color tone, whether in bright or dark areas. Ezviz got us used to a bit better, although the picture quality here is pretty good.


By comparing the infrared views of the Ezviz and Netatmo cameras in our test scene, the finding is the same. Once again, the LC3 wins with better detail reproduction. However, it is nowhere near as good at night as it is during the day: a lot of information is lost, and we find the same exposure problems that prevent the elements of tone from appearing. None of the cameras is therefore really convincing in infrared vision.

Netatmo Smart Outdoor Security Camera
Ezviz LC3

On the Ezviz side, we struggled to recognize a face that was filmed more than 2.5 meters away. This is not sufficient for an outdoor camera, and we would have liked to detect a slightly more sensitive movement once the recognition of the human figure is activated: its range is then limited to approximately 4.5 meters. Disabling this option allows you to benefit from a greater range – our movements were detected at a height of 9 meters without problem – but the user is then exposed to many false alarms.

The Ezviz LC3’s built-in flashlight still allows it to film the tape at night. We find a level of detail similar to that observed during the day, but very bright elements, even at a distance, can be overexposed. It may be useful to adjust the lamp power to prevent the intruder’s face from appearing completely burnt in the recording, and therefore unrecognizable.

Night vision with flashlight
Night vision without lamp

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