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After an Instagram creator created a viral sensation last season with the What disney camera effect, Disney followed it up with a sponsored lens playing a similar roulette wheel with hulu programming.

Now Disney is back with a Snapchat lens that takes its Hulu promotion and adds Disney + and ESPN + to cover its entire streaming video pack. In addition, the media center enhanced the experience with additional augmented reality effects.

So, should you watch “The Mandalorian” (again) or shoot reruns of Golden Girls? Here’s how to let go and let RNJesus take the wheel.

Step 1: Open Snapchat

First of all, you need to install the Snapchat app on the mobile device of your choice, which would include creating an account. If you already have it, it wouldn’t hurt to update it.

Once it’s installed or updated, open the app, where you will arrive by default on the camera screen.

Step 2: Pull out the lentil carousel

Tap the smiley face icon to the right of the shutter button. This will bring up the lentil carousel. The Disney + goal should be the first option. Otherwise, scroll through the carousel until you find the brand logo and it’s centered on the trigger.

Note that this is a sponsored lens, which means its time on the carousel is likely limited, and there is no Snapcode leading to it. So act quickly!

Step 3: raise your eyebrows

Once you are in the Lens, you will have a blank slate above your head with an overlay of the question “What is your stream?” »Raise your eyebrows to activate the roulette wheel. (You don’t have to press record to trigger the effect, but why not, right?)

The goal will randomly cycle through shows and movies on Hulu, Disney +, and ESPN + before landing on a selection. A face effect corresponding to the program will appear with the card. For example, you will see T’Challa’s trademark collar for “Black Panther”, Woody’s cowboy hat for “Toy Story 4”, a small fire will rise for “Little Fires Everywhere”, and so on.

In addition, each selection will indicate on which service it appears. Because the point is to watch the programming, right? And, if you’re not a subscriber, you can hit the “Subscribe” button to go straight to the Disney + web page.

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