Clear Galaxy S23 Ultra 200MP camera test shot completely outperforms S22 Ultra 108MP comparison effort



The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra apparently impressed in a test photo comparison with its predecessor. (Image source: Technizo Concept/NASA – edited)

A test photo supposedly taken by a prototype Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has been shared by a well-known backer alongside a comparison image taken with the Galaxy S22 Ultra. The expected bump from a 108MP main camera to a 200MP sensor is dramatically demonstrated upon inspection of both shots. The effort of the Galaxy S23 Ultra is clearly superior.

The leaked Ice universe has moved somewhat from frequent discussion of the expected design of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (flatter screen, less rounded corners) to sharing information about the flagship smartphone’s camera equipment. The source previously provided a variety of details on what might happen to the Galaxy S23 Ultra, but recently went further by offering a comparison between an image allegedly taken by the 2023 model and its S22 Ultra predecessor.

Obviously, if the leak is real, the photo would have been taken with a prototype Galaxy S23 Ultra as there is still a lot of work to be done by Samsung by the likely February 2023 launch date. However, the differences between the photo taken with the 200 MP lens of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and the 108 MP main sensor of the Galaxy S22 Ultra clearly stands out. It might not be the most exciting image comparison topic ever, but the rumors circulating about the superiority of the S23 Ultra camera are clearly visible here.

The photo on the left is much sharper than the image on the right, which looks practically primitive compared to its blurry edges, lower resolution and lack of definition. It’s hard to believe the S22 Ultra’s 108 MP camera can be so completely outclassed, but that’s what the effort put out by the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 200 MP unit here shows, which should logically be fine. better anyway given the spec bump. Ice Universe also mentions that 16x magnification was in place for cropped shots and that “AI enhancement” was not operational.

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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.  (Image source: Weibo)
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.  (Image source: Weibo)
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

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