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Apple today lifted its press embargo on the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro, allowing media to publish reviews and other content featuring its new flagship phones.

YouTuber Arun Maini (aka Mrwhosetheboss) posted a video evaluating the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s new high-end camera setup and pitting it against Samsung’s current flagship, the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

He tested both phones in 12 categories: Selfie Video, Selfie Photo, Fun, Zoom, Macro, Day Photo, Audio, Portrait, Stabilization, Video, Night Mode and Slow Mo.

Arun ultimately crowned the iPhone 14 Pro Max the overall winner, with the phone wiping the floor with the S22 Ultra in seven out of 12 categories. The S22 Ultra only picked up wins in the “Fun” and “Zoom” categories (100x zoom for the win), while the two phones tied in the Selfie Photo, Audio, and Slow Mo categories.

Of course, the YouTuber’s results are quite subjective. That said, you can check out his video below for a good serving of sample footage from the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s improved camera system and pick a winner for yourself.

All of this year’s iPhones get a new front-facing camera that, for the first time, features autofocus. Arun noted in his comparison that the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s front shooter captured cleaner video in dark and bright environments than the Samsung’s. The S22 Ultra, however, had better treatment in selfie shots.

Image processing on iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro is powered by an all-new Photonics Engine. The YouTuber found the new processing technology to be a significant upgrade over Apple’s old Deep Fusion feature.

Photonic Engine particularly does wonders for zooming, resulting in highly detailed images up to 10x magnification. Additionally, the iPhone 14 Pro Max offers excellent camera stabilization across the board.

Apple still hasn’t launched 8K video recording on the iPhone, although the iPhone 14 Pro has upgraded to a 48MP main camera. However, the color consistency between the iPhone’s various lenses was impeccable, and switching between them was seamless.

The YouTuber was also quite taken with the low-light performance and night mode of the iPhone 14 Pro Max. “It’s the most technically impressive night mode I’ve ever seen on a smartphone,” he said.

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