Camera test – 4 years of smartphone development with a result that raises many doubts



In good lighting conditions, the image quality of the four OnePlus smartphones is equally convincing. While Hasselblad-branded camera modules and the OnePlus 8 Pro often prefer slightly cooler color reproduction, the 7T Pro is calibrated visibly warmer. On the other hand, the OnePlus 9 Pro offers the most realistic color reproduction, especially when it comes to darker color tones.

Besides the color accuracy, we also like the 9 Pro’s recordings, but it’s just small nuances rather than serious differences that led us to this decision. The sound levels of the OnePlus 7T Pro and OnePlus 8 Pro are slightly more pronounced than those of the 9th and 10th generation OnePlus flagships (see Scene 4). We also notice a minimal benefit in sharpness in less than optimal lighting conditions. However, in the current Pro model, some colors are distorted and the blue writing is reproduced in turquoise, for example.

The trends we saw continue in our third scene as well. However, the OnePlus 10 Pro does not reveal more details than the 7T Pro. Also in this image, the 2019 flagship displays more accurate colors (such as the roof colors) than the current OnePlus smartphone. In the Flower Earth bag scene, the 7T Pro does surprisingly well. In this image, we deliberately do not choose the focal point, but simply point the smartphone several times per point-and-shoot, letting it choose the focus itself. The center of the image, which is the area with the flower soil bags, is reproduced crisp and clear without the grass having any impact.

In portrait mode (scene 1), the OnePlus 9 Pro and 10 Pro look very sharp, but also a bit too sharp, and especially the 2022 flagship exaggerates artificial sharpness, while the 7T Pro and especially the 8 Pro deliver a softer image. . The 2020er flagship is decidedly and objectively too blurry, but it’s a matter of taste whether one prefers the image of the 7T Pro or the OnePlus 10 Pro, since none of the four OnePlus smartphones offers more detail. In terms of blurring, all OnePlus smartphones produce beautiful transitions.

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