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This list is for the best secret spy camera apps for your Android devices. We will do our best for you to understand this list of best secret spy camera apps for your android devices. I hope you like this list Best Secret Spy Camera Apps For Your Android Devices. So let’s start:

Check out the best secret spy camera apps for your Android devices

The Android market is full of apps that help you solve your everyday problems and let you do a lot of things with just one device. Among the incredible versatility of these apps, there are few truly effective spy or surveillance apps that give you more security in different situations. So, in this article, we are showing some of the best free spy or security apps for Android devices. From fast-paced background video recorders to home monitoring apps, there are a variety of free and useful tools. See the list to learn about each application in detail.

Spying on other people using your phone can seem deceptive and harmful, but there are valid (not scary) reasons why you may want to do it, such as keeping your kids or pets safe, keeping an eye out for them. service providers, or catch thieves. Once these spy camera apps are installed on your device, they can capture photos or videos without straying away from voice or visual cues.

Fast video recorder

Quick Video Recorder is one of the most popular and useful apps to spy and record videos secretly. Quick Video Recorder helps you click pictures and videos without opening the camera app. Video is recorded in the background and the user can continue to do whatever task they want. User can even record videos with the screen turned off.

Quick Video Recorder is available for Android and iOS. The app has over 10 million downloads from the Play Store. The app offers a minimalist and pragmatic user interface. As soon as you open the app, you will be greeted with the button to record video. Quick Video Recorder creates two additional icons on the desktop; one to click images and one to record videos. Clicking on the icons starts recording without even opening Quick Video Recorder.

The setup menu has many functions to adjust the camera and other parameters to achieve the desired video result. With tons of features, Quick Video Recorder is one of the best spy camera and secret video recorder apps for Android.

Video recorder in the background

Another application similar to Quick Video Recorder is Background Video Recorder. With Background Video Recorder, you can record stealth videos without opening the Camera app and making shutter sounds. You can also set a timer to start and stop recording.

Although the app contains ads, they don’t interfere with the experience. You can also change the video and camera quality to get the desired results. However, it does not offer an additional icon to record one-touch videos, so users have to open the video recorder in the background every time they need to record a video.

Alfred Home Security Camera

This app is totally different from the two apps mentioned above. It is a perfect alternative to expensive surveillance cameras. If you have an old mobile at home, you can use it with this app. It allows you to use your old phone as a surveillance camera.

All you have to do is download the app on two devices; the old phone and your personal mobile and connect these two devices. Now your old phone records the video with your camera and you can use your phone to view the live recording. This camera system can be used to monitor your babies and pets. You can also speak through the app and notify the intruder that you are being watched.

In my opinion, this is an amazing solution for temporary surveillance needs. Includes night vision and many other functions. It is definitely one of the best spy camera apps available in the market.

iRecorder – Video recorder

iRecorder is one of the most popular names in spy camera apps. iRecorder is similar to the Quick Video Recorder and Background Video Recorder app mentioned above. Honestly, there isn’t much to say about this app. He does what he says very well. You can capture videos in the background and with the screen turned off.

You can also trim videos to save space. The option to schedule video recording is also available like the apps mentioned above. Users can customize camera settings and other options according to their needs.

Easy video recorder

Easy Video Recorder app allows you to capture videos in the background. It also has the function of scheduling video recording. It offers one-click video recording without opening the app. The most important feature is that you can customize the power button to capture video without even turning on your phone lights (triple click the power button to record video).

Easy Video Recorder allows you to customize camera features such as video quality and much more. With all these great features and more, Easy Video Recorder definitely deserves to be on the list of best spy camera and secret video recorder apps in 2020.

Hidden camera

This app is totally different from what we have is hidden camera detection app. This application is useful for all the people who love to travel and often find themselves in a hotel. There have been many instances where many of these hotels have disclosed personal images of people on the internet.

Things have been improving in recent years. However, there is no guarantee of what to expect. Hidden Camera App is designed to detect magnetic fields found around metals and electronic devices. This hidden camera detection app will beep whenever you bring your phone near any electronic device.

The application presents different modes. The application’s secret camera mode also allows you to determine what type of magnetic field it is. It tells you if your phone is near another phone / laptop or if there is a camera nearby. The app worked great (better than expected). While it cannot and should not be used as the only tool to detect a spy device, it can be used if you see something and cannot determine if there is a camera there.

Video surveillance camera presence

Presence Video Security Camera is an application similar to Alfred. It also allows you to use your old cell phone. Like Alfred, you have to download the app on two different cell phones. One should be used as a camera to record and the other device, your home phone, would be used as a device to access what another phone is recording.

It doesn’t matter if you leave the kids home alone or if there is a pet in the house, it can still be there while you are not yet there. This app allows you to talk on the phone like a walkie talkie. This feature is useful when you need to calm your crying child or chase the thief.

It also has an amazing feature that alerts you when something is happening in your home. It quickly sends you an alert on your phone regarding the situation so that you can turn on the camera at the right time. It is a useful application and it has many use cases.

Final Words: Best Secret Spy Camera Apps For Your Android Devices

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