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The most recent flagship smartphones, and even some more budget offerings, have high-performance cameras, perfect for capturing everyday moments without too much pretension. Most images come out well exposed, crisp, overall beautiful, but sometimes you just want something different. You want to experiment, make your photos interesting, rather than technically flawless, and that’s where the apps we’ve picked for you today come in! Whether you want to mimic the look you would get from an old film camera, or are looking for a crazy result, we’ve got you covered with this selection of retro themed camera apps for Android and iOS!

Vintage retro camera + VHS

(Free + in-app purchases)

This app lets you beautify both your photos and videos with all kinds of effects, ranging from emulations of old grainy film reels, to completely extravagant and trippy stuff like the “Radioactity” effect and the very aptly named “‘Psychedelic” mode which layers a layer of pulsating color over everything. There are also other embellishments available in Vintage Retro Camera + VHS, such as mirroring effects and various lens distortion simulations.

Best iOS Alternative: Retro vhs (free + in-app purchases)


(Free + in-app purchases)

This app, as the name suggests, lets you view your photos in a way you might never have imagined possible. It has it all – from staples like simple rasterization, to really extravagant things like Delaunay’s triangulation and simulating the effect of dragging a frozen window around your desktop in Windows. Yes, you can do that in Glitch !, as well as a lot of other completely weird stuff.

Best iOS Alternative: Glitch art (free + in-app purchases)


(Free + in-app purchases)

Like the previous entry, Glitchr is a lo fi digital art lover’s paradise. It sports a Mac OS 5-like visual aesthetic and lets you spoil photos in a number of ways. If you’ve never taken a selfie with a Game Boy camera, but always wanted to, then this app is for you! Glitchr also has some great tools for turning your photos into ASCII art and applying some very compelling VHS effects.

Best iOS Alternative: Seed laboratory (free + in-app purchases)

8-bit photo lab

(Free + in-app purchases)

This one is really versatile. 8Bit Photo Lab contains a list of photo filters covering the graphics modes of old computers such as the Commodore 64, SAM Coupé, Thomson TO7 / 70, Apple II, and all kinds of obscure and outdated graphics adapter simulations like CGA, EGA. and VGA. All of these presets can also be fine-tuned to your liking by changing their resolution, interlacing modes, and other variables. If you’ve ever wondered what your selfies would look like on the Commodore 64, then 8Bit Photo Lab is the app for you.


(To free)

Retrica is perhaps the most popular of the bunch, and for good reason. While the previous entries provide some very entertaining options for playing around with your photos, Retrica is a great, well-rounded and comprehensive app for bringing a vintage vibe to your photos. It doesn’t dive into the realm of faux-vintage digital art, but rather sticks to a rather timid selection of simpler, but still beautiful retro filters. Most of the effects Retrica has to offer simulate the look of old movies and other peculiarities of the movie age, such as light leakage and fading. If you are looking for a more traditional retro camera app, then Retrica should offer you enough.

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