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Most Android smartphones these days have a 5-12 megapixel camera, packed into a neat package with advanced camera features. Compared to Apple’s iPhone, Android is open source and allows users to change basic camera settings to suit any user.

When it comes to HDR quality photos, the secret is in the software itself, as it is what makes your photos crystal clear with HD characteristics. While exploring the Google Play Store, we managed to come across a lot of apps that mainly aim to improve images. Here are some of the best apps that will turn your photos into HDR quality photos.

HDR camera by Almalence is one of the best HDR cameras in the Google Play Store. The HDR camera offers a wide range of options that allow users to capture dynamic photos between the lightest and darkest area of ​​an image. Daylight photos will have deep dark shadows and crisp detail in brighter areas.

The HDR camera can look cartoonish if you’re not used to changing app settings. Luckily for us, the app uses “melting algorithms” that automatically adapt to shaky and wobbly hands. The software can also detect moving objects in the scene, so if you tend to photograph fast moving cars or people doing outdoor activities, then this is the app for you. Not only that, it can also minimize blurring or ghosting. The HDR camera is tailor-made to turn any Android phone into the ultimate camera.

Turn photography into a work of art with Camera360 For Android. Camera360 has gained worldwide recognition for being the popular camera app for any mobile phone. It is even listed as one of the top 100 technology products by PC World.

Camera360 is a robust camera app that requires a bit of learning before you can take epic photos. Once you master Camera360, everything will be a walk in the park.

Users can add additional frames and landscapes to photos, as well as apply filters with Lomo, Retro, or HDR. You can also find cool features like tap to focus on an object, as well as set color to let you adjust the depth field and color of an image. The only downside of the app is that it eats up your phone battery quickly. Make sure you are fully charged when planning a shooting fest.

Also hailed as one of the kings of photography apps in the Google Play Store is the retro camera application from the developer Urbian. Turn your Android phone into a high-definition vintage camera that takes you back to the 70s. Take delicious retro camera snapshots with Retro Camera’s advanced camera techniques.

Choose from 5 cameras with 5 sets of vintage effects from film scratches, black and white and cross processing to name a few. The app was inspired by Polaroid, Diana and Toy Cameras in the past and adapted to any Android phone. Post all your best shots to your favorite social networking site like Facebook for your friends to see. Instant Nostalgia is now free and you’ll never have to find another app again.

If you like to create panoramic photos, then Photo Panorama Pro is definitely the app for you. Create amazing HD panoramas just by using your phone’s camera. Photaf Panorama Pro will greatly help users to create 360 ​​degree panoramic photos with amazing clarity. The secret to the app’s success is the orientation sensor that manages to know the exact angle of each shot, making your shots look professional with incredible quality and detail.

Take panoramas like a pro and add special effects to every photo you take. The easy to use interface of the app will greatly appeal to users as navigation is a breeze. All you have to do is point to the object you want to panorama and let the app guide you through all the details. Other features include HD mode, setting your photos as live wallpaper, and using the camera in portrait mode.

Here is another HDR camera that will turn your Android phone into a real DSLR camera. Presentation of the Professional HDR camera, one of the world’s first true HDR camera apps for Android users. Create stunning full resolution HDR images with just a tap on your Android phone. Say goodbye to traditional bulky DSLR cameras, as Pro HDR Camera will automatically create HD shots for you.

The Pro HDR camera has image quality software that will bring high dynamic range photography. Pro HDR works by capturing exposed images for highlights and another set for exposed shadows. To get that HDR look, the app will automatically blend the images, giving you the impression of a realistic HDR image. The app supports up to 8 megapixels of photos with real clarity that you have never seen before.

After focus combines the best of having a point-and-shoot camera and a DSLR camera rolled into one fantastic app. Bring a DSLR camera wherever you go because AfterFocus will use its full arsenal to turn your Android smartphone into a DSLR camera.

With AfterFocus, users can create DSLR-style high-resolution backgrounds by simply selecting the area you want to edit. You can also apply various filter effects to create a more natural and realistic photo.

AfterFocus relies heavily on user selection, in which the application automatically recognizes the shaded part and applies the corresponding effect with corresponding complex shades and colors. The app also enables a Double Photo feature which takes a photo of an object and slightly takes another photo of the same image, after which it will analyze the images and recognize the nearest object. You can also easily share your photos via email or social media sites right from the app itself.

Cymera from SK Communications is a fabulous way to take portraits or photos of yourself as the app is dedicated solely for this purpose. Cymera is one of the best camera apps that shoots portraits, especially HD quality photos. Cymera is a free to download application that helps users take a photo and become a professional photographer in seconds.

Users can choose one of 7 lens types offered by Cymera. Besides that, there are 4 kinds of shooting modes to choose from. In these modes, users can take full advantage of Cymera’s advanced shooting techniques. Various shooting modes like timer, image stabilization and touch shooting are perfect for taking portraits. Users can also mix and match the different lenses and shooting modes offered by the app. Other features include the ability to add beauty effects and fun decorations just by using facial recognition.

Still maintaining its top spot among photography apps is ZOOM FX camera. Featuring a wide range of image enhancement and control tools, Camera ZOOM FX is considered a fan favorite by many professional and casual photographers. With a professional looking user interface, new users will be impressed with how the app certainly means business.

The ZOOM FX camera is a powerful camera that offers various shooting modes including steady shot, timer, voice activated mode, burst mode, collage or even time lapse. Post-processing features combined with various shooting modes make Camera ZOOM FX a feature-rich camera experience worthy of the casual photographer. If you love taking photos in the field, don’t leave without Camera ZOOm FX as it is one of the best apps available in the market today.

If you love taking photos and converting them into thumbnail style photos, then why not give it a try Thumbnail. With over 76 customizable photo effects and 57 frames in the app’s arsenal, users can create retro-looking vintage photos with just the press of a button. Vignette is a full-featured camera app that takes advantage of your phone’s camera. Vignette is loaded with features, including up to 10x digital zoom, self-timer, remote shutter used for Sony Ericsson’s LiveView, rule of thirds golden ratio guide, and the ability to take photos in full resolution.

The secret to getting HDR-quality photos is your phone’s camera and the software that tints the photos. pudding camera developed by KTH is considered by many to be the ultimate camera app that enhances all your snaps and turns them into a beautiful memorable photo. Although Pudding Camera lacks the extensive features of paid camera apps, it still makes up for its shortcomings.

The app is sleek and simple to use, with plenty of filters and camera styles to spice up your shots. If you are tired of photo enhancement apps, this might just become your go-to app. Pudding Camera has 8 filters and effects to choose from that range from Basic to Triplex setups. Users can also apply beautiful effects like Vintage, Noir or Vivid. Pudding Camera also allows users to change exposure levels, making shots look more realistic with vivid colors and sharp hues.

Say goodbye to your bulky cameras and step out with your Android device only. Enjoy taking all your wonderful HDR photos with these Android HDR apps.

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