Best camera apps of 2022: Adobe Photoshop Camera, Cymera, and more



One of the most important aspects, while making a smartphone purchase decision, is, most often the camera. In most cases, when you compare two or more phones, they impress you with their specs and hardware features on paper, but when it comes to delivering in real life, not all phones are capable of translating the specifications on paper to provide a good result in real life. Everyone uses the camera on phones these days, clicking pictures for social media to capture important documents.

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In recent years, night photography is also gaining popularity, as are manual or professional cameras. However, not all stock camera apps excel when it comes to all kinds of photography, and that’s where third-party camera apps come in. If you’re not satisfied with your phone’s built-in camera apps or if you want to explore new camera apps in the market, here are the top 6 apps you can try.

In this guide, we’ve included six apps, which we think are the best right now, and three are available on Android and iOS platforms. Two are exclusive to Android and one app is exclusive to iOS devices.

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List of best camera apps

  1. Camera Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Lightroom
  2. Cymera
  3. VSCO
  4. HedgeCam 2
  5. Camera + 2
  6. Open camera

Adobe Photoshop Camera / Lightroom Camera

Adobe Photoshop Camera has a simple and straightforward interface. You get one button capture button with gallery view button and filter option. On the side, you get a slider to control exposure. The start of the show is the addition of the Lens Library, accessed by tapping on the top left of the screen (Globe icon). You get a bunch of lenses to choose from, and you can also choose lenses from different categories like basic, portrait, landscape, foodie, film effects, fun selfie, and more. You can browse all of this and add any lens you want. This application is useful for social media posts.

Another application from Adobe is Lightroom. Although it is technically an editing application, it offers an option to capture photos and provides a professional shooting mode. It also brings a bunch of filters and an option to click images in DNG and JPEG formats. Finally, there is also a timer to capture that perfect shot.


Adobe Photoshop Camera and Adobe Lightroom: Photo Editor apps are available at Google Play Store for android users and on App store for iOS users.

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One of the most popular OG and super camera apps, Cymera is not only a camera app but also comes with a dedicated beauty camera, editor, create collage, crop and adjust pictures for Instagram and YouTube一all in the same app. As you’d expect, the Cymera app brings a bunch of exciting stickers, filters, and special effects. However, the USP of the app is the body function, which allows you to sew, slim your body parts like your face, hips, legs, etc. Although not everyone enjoys this type of editing, it can be useful for some. The app also lets you add background text for images. Although it is free to download and install this app, you will have to put up with ads.


The app is available for download on both android and iOS platforms for free with in-app purchases.

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VSCO is one of the most powerful and popular tools when it comes to photo editing. However, the addition of the camera apps on the app gives it a head start. However, the camera is quite simple and does not offer features like the phone camera or other third-party apps. One of the unique features is the fact that you can capture GIFs directly from the app using DSCO mode. Once you click on the image, you can apply filters, map with parameters, and then save the image. The same goes for videos.

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VSCO is available on both android and iOS platforms and you get a 7-day free trial. After the trial ends, you will be charged an annual subscription fee of Rs 1,750 or a monthly subscription fee, which costs Rs 700.

HedgeCam 2

This is an Android-only app and it’s based on the open-source Open Camera, which we’ll look at in a moment. The app comes with a simple to use interface and offers a robust feature set and gives you more control. In the app, you get full manual settings such as ISO, focus lock, exposure control, resolution and more. The app will get quite interesting once you start using it regularly and it will give you more control over the image you capture than you might think. If you are a developer who wants to explore the open-source code, the link is available on the app’s Play Store description.


HedgeCam 2 is available for free at Google Play Store.

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Camera + 2

This is an iOS app only for iPad and iPhone users. It’s also a paid app, but worth it if you’re the one who takes a lot of long exposure photos, portraits, action, macro and if you like manual control. The app lets you capture in JPEG as well as RAW format and you can adjust focus and exposure separately. There is also a built-in editor to take photos to the next level.


The app is available for Rs 699 on the App store. This is an iOS app only.

open camera

The free and open-source app for Android, Open Camera app is one of the best camera apps for shutters. You can take images and videos with full control. You can play around with settings like STD, HDR, DRO, PANO, auto stabilization, exposure, white balance, scene mode, autofocus and more. The app is 100% free to use with no ads. It also supports the Camera2 API. Since it’s also open-source, the app continues to gain functionality as we move forward.


Free download for Android at Google Play Store without ads or in-app purchases.

These are the best camera apps available for Android and iOS. Try them out and let us know which one you liked the most in the comments section below.

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