Best Camera Apps for Android 2021


Sometimes the preinstalled camera app with your Android phone is not good enough. Most Android phones don’t come with basic features like Panorama, PhotoSphere, or the selfie mirror. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a camera app with enhanced features to take photos like a pro. No, I’m not saying you can trick your camera hardware using software; it does not work like that. However, most of the time, software plays a vital role in image processing and helps optimize and produce amazing photos. Therefore, the software upgrade can only help your hardware unfold its mysteries and do the pictures justice. Google’s camera is a prime example.

Often times, the stock camera app comes with limited functionality, so you can always use a third-party camera app to take better photos like professional photographers. Playing around with exposure, ISO, and other manual controls can improve your photography skills. These apps can help you improve your photos. Here are our picks for the best camera apps for Android:

Google Camera is one of the best camera apps for Android phones. The company’s camera software arguably makes Pixel phones the “best camera smartphones” in the world. Google uses its advanced image processing to create stunning results from the mobile camera sensor. The app is the best for taking photos without worrying about manual settings. It won’t be an exaggeration if I say this is the best replacement for your camera app. The default auto mode works so well that you don’t need to adjust much to take a great photo. Just take it out of your pocket and capture the moment.

However, the app is available on a limited number of supported smartphones; you can visit the link to check. Download from Google Play Store if it supports your phone. If it is not available for your phone, you can check on XDA developers if they have a ported version of the app for your smartphone model.

After installing and using this app on your phone, you will notice Google Camera to do its magic. Unlike your camera app, it comes with a lot of unique features (some features are limited to devices like Night view, etc.). Google Camera the app is available in the Play Store.

FV 5 camera

With more camera controls than usual apps, Camera FV-5 is one of our favorite apps when it comes to taking great photos using manual controls. It has everything from RAW support to setting ISO, exposure, contrast, and focus. Although the user interface looks old, once you get used to the app and understand its features, you will love this app. You can edit photos without using photo editing apps.

FV-5 Camera is a paid app that includes all the features. You can try the FV-5 Lite Camera for free, and if you like the free app, you can get the premium version from google play store.

A better camera

“A better camera app” As the name suggests, the app performs well and is packed with useful features that a photographer needs. You can challenge your photography skills and play around with this camera app to capture the best of your shots. It also comes with an HDR mode and other manual controls. You can receive A better camera and Better unlocked camera on Google Play Store.

4. Camera zoom

Camera zoom

Camera Zoom FX is another great app for mobile photographers. It supports manual Camera2 API commands. It can do much more than a camera app, like action photos, photo compositing, collages, photo filters, and more. But the best part is the support for manual control of Camera2. It can also capture RAW images on supported phones. You can manually adjust ISO, focus distance, shutter speed, and exposure. You can download Zoom FX Camera – Free and Zoom FX Premium Camera from Google Play Store.

Footej Camera

Footej Camera also comes with Camera2 API support. And with that, it brings all the manual controls that let you take great photos by adjusting shutter speed, ISO, focus, white balance and exposure. The app also allows you to capture RAW images with RAW histogram support. Footej Camera also lets you create GIFs which is a unique feature for a camera app. You can download Footej Camera from Google Play Store.

Open the camera

The list of best Android camera apps is incomplete without mentioning Open the camera. The open source application is free to download from the Google Play Store. It comes with automatic stabilization and manual control functions. Open Camera is customizable and allows you to take photos from the volume key. You can download Open the camera from Google Play Store.

These are the best Android camera apps from the Google Play Store yet. If there’s an app missing that you think should be on this list, drop your favorite apps in the comments below.

Tell us which is your favorite app and why?

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