Apple plans to fix ‘BeautyGate’ skin smoothing effect in iOS 12.1 update


This morning, reviews for Apple’s iPhone XR were released, and among them were The edgeimpressions from on the new smartphone. In a section of the review that focuses on the iPhone XR’s camera, the site notes that Apple plans to fix the “BeautyGate” issue in the upcoming iOS 12.1 update, which is currently being tested by developers and public beta testers.

BeautyGate began when iPhone XS and XS Max users began to notice that selfies captured on newer smartphones applied a skin smoothing effect or “beauty filter”, resulting in photos that were very different from those taken on iPhone X or earlier iPhones. Apple’s three new 2018 iPhones have a rear-facing 12-megapixel wide-angle camera lens (while the iPhone XS and XS Max have an additional 12-megapixel telephoto lens), as well as the same TrueDepth-oriented camera system. forward .

With all of the same tech inside, the iPhone XR is now facing reports of skin-smoothing camera effects in its early reviews, which caused The edge ask Apple about the problem. In essence, Apple’s new iPhones take multiple photos at different exposure levels, requiring noise reduction that creates a smoothing effect across the entire image, not just skin tones. While this “Smart HDR” feature brings out more detail in highlights and shadows, when faces appear in an image, they sometimes appear ruled and unnatural. Here’s what Apple aims to fix:

Apple told me that the upcoming iOS 12.1 update, which is currently in public beta, would fix the front camera issue that appears to be skin-smoothing by choosing a sharper base frame for Smart HDR, but I didn’t. could still test it.

As the BeautyGate scandal grew, earlier this month YouTuber Jonathan Morrison challenged users’ perceptions of skin smoothing effects in a video. Ahead of the video, he shared two selfies on Instagram that he said were taken in Google Pixel 2 Portrait mode, and then asked his viewers for their opinion. Many responded by touting the quality of the Pixel 2, pointing out that it doesn’t need a beauty filter like the iPhone XS. Days later, Morrison revealed that both selfies were captured on an iPhone XS Max, not a Google Pixel 2. In the reveal video, he said, “I just wanted this to be a little lesson: Don’t let a preconceived idea or a headline interfere with your judgment. “

The iPhone XR is now receiving strong reviews from many media, touting the long battery life, smartphone performance and speed, quality Liquid Retina LCD display, and paint jobs. colorful. As The edge points out in his review, the real difference between the iPhone XR and XS is the 6.1-inch LCD screen and the 5.8-inch OLED screen: “The real question for iPhone buyers is whether the high-resolution OLED display of the XS is worth $ 250 more than the XR. Because otherwise the XR offers almost everything you would want in a 2018 phone. “

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