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Android 11 has a lot of changes for good, but as release nears, a few minor changes are starting to appear and some users won’t be very happy with it. Starting with Android 11, for example, users will not be able to select a default camera app in certain scenarios.

On a official issue follow-up, Google has confirmed (via Android Police) Android 11 ditch the default camera app switcher. Instead of being able to download a third-party camera app from the Play Store and use it as a full replacement, users will be stuck with whatever is preloaded on their device in many scenarios.

Default apps have been an integral part of Android for quite some time, with users being able to tell the system to home screen, email, browser, and various other apps they want to use for specific actions. Honestly, we’re shocked that Google is limiting this, but the company says its reasoning is that this move will help “protect the privacy and security” of Android users.

Here is the good news, however. This does not apply all over. When the apps on your smartphone want to extract from the camera, they will be forced to use the stock camera app on your devices. Examples include Reddit, Google Keep, and countless others. Instagram, Twitter, and others, however, could still use their built-in camera apps.

However, hardware shortcuts like the handy double-tap power button will still allow you to select a default camera app as usual. Personally, this is the big deal for me.

I can still set a default camera app on Android 11 when using Pixel’s double-tap shortcut

Yet despite this good news, it is likely that it will lengthen or interrupt the workflows of some applications.

Google hasn’t listed the exact reasons they’re making this change, but it’s not very hard to imagine where apps could potentially have abused this feature in the past. It’s also unclear at this time whether this will be a required change in Android 11 on all devices or whether OEMs will be able to change it.

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