3 Film Camera Apps That Will Improve Your Photos


Another revival trend from Gen Z, film photography, has emerged in an effort to hold on to 90s nostalgia. Shots on your disposable camera are completely out of focus after taking 28 photos and waiting for days for them to be developed, rendering half of your roll worthless. Or does it contribute to the effect?

Not to mention the hefty price tag that comes with this process. Is it really worth investing in a range of disposable cameras or spending more money on a reusable point-and-shoot camera that uses rolls of film (a separate purchase in itself, these rolls cost up to $20!), in addition to paying to have your photos developed?

There are plenty of apps available that offer to convert your photos into vintage, film-like images without forcing you to shell out extra money or wait weeks for the result. Here are my three favorite film photography apps!

Dazz Camera

Dazz Cam is extremely trendy and is probably the best your phone can do to imitate disposable cameras! Influencers on TikTok frequently suggest this software, with the “Inst C” camera – which is included free with the program – being the clear favorite. The effect, which adds a nostalgic tinge and would undoubtedly be great on Instagram, is subtle but effective.

With Dazz Cam, you can take photos directly from the app. The program automatically applies a retro-style filter to your photos, but you can tweak the details by including light leaks or extra grain. You can also choose specific photos you want from your camera roll and upload them to the app!

However, to get access to unlimited camera filters and accessories, you must purchase a $4.99/year subscription or a one-time purchase of $12.99.

NOMO Camera

For those who love the art of taking photos, NOMO Cam is the perfect app. This app was designed to help casual photographers focus on the photography creation process rather than post-production editing.

Now that I’ve downloaded the app from the App Store, I can’t stop taking pictures with it. I can confidently say that NOMO Cam is one of the most distinctive and exciting camera programs I’ve ever used and I’m not even exaggerating after trying some of the newer camera apps!

The default “INS W” camera simulates a vintage Instax Mini camera when taking a photo. The viewfinder is in the center of the screen and all the buttons are located below. The software also provides great sound effects for the flash going on and the shutter clicking to complete the experience. Even the sound of polaroid film coming out of the camera can be heard.

The software is currently free to download from the Play Store or App Store. The “NOMO Pro” subscription ($24.99/year), which unlocks all cameras in the store and gives you access to additional “pro” features of the app, is available if you want to take full advantage of the application !

OldRoll – Vintage film camera

OldRoll offers the most authentic experience of using a real disposable or film camera.

From instant cameras to fisheyes to super 8mm video cameras, the app has a variety of vintage camera picks for you that have been treasured by professional photographers. Each camera has been reliably recreated in great detail, including color, tint, grain, texture, and occasionally a few light leaks to be discovered.

To give you a taste of the beauty of vintage cameras, the app offers half frame cameras, fish-eye cameras, Kira cameras with sparkling glitter effects and shining stars, cameras double exposure, as well as random photo frames. You don’t need to edit or retouch the image because it’s not a photo editor or video editor. It is simple to post photos with square film frame and retro glitch effect on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter and Youtube among others. Moreover, they contain unique and fully editable timestamp watermarks that you can add to the image.

To get unlimited access to this app, there is a subscription fee of $2.99/month or $9.99/year.

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