Like all consumer loans, the revolving credit can be a candidate for redemption. Also called revolving credit, it is contracted by many French every year and is presented as a flexible and efficient cash solution. This “small” credit allows the borrower to have a sum as he sees fit, according to his needs of the moment. To reset your budget or consolidate all your debts, you can buy back a revolving loan.

Benefits and constraints of revolving credit


If you read these lines, it’s probably because you’ve been seduced by the “wind of freedom” spirit of revolving credit. The principle of this consumer credit is simple : you have an amount that you can use without justifying your expenses.

It differs from auto credit, real estate or work. As its name indicates, this credit is renewable according to the repayments and according to the needs of the borrower. It is therefore a form of permanent credit that is renewed every year if it is not repaid and stopped by the borrower.

It is commonly used for Ramsay familyr small projects of life or increase the purchasing power of homes that contract it. Revolving credit is often associated with a specific credit card or acquisition card and can be purchased at select department stores and financial institutions.
The interest paid concerns only the sum used and not the total sum borrowed.
This short-term loan also has a significant constraint: its interest rate is very high, with an average of 20%.

Rate too high? Opting for revolving credit redemption

The rate of renewable credits is rather greedy. The risk of over-indebtedness is always present, regardless of the credit contracted.
Credit redemption may be an option to consider , to consolidate a revolving credit and other credits or simply to get a more attractive rate loan.
The revolving credit may be part of a combination of different debts or be purchased individually.
If you are unable to repay your revolving credit, the repurchase of credit will put you in debt for longer but will bear the repayment. A new loan will be put in place to allow you to reduce your monthly payments.

Why compare before moving to debt consolidation?

 Why compare before moving to debt consolidation?

Repurchase credit buy offers continue to flourish on the market. Faced with so many organizations and different proposals, difficult to make the right choice.
To find the right offer and not be fooled by some hidden banking fees, you have to take your time.
But time is running fast! In just a few clicks, let an online comparator do the work for you. It adapts to your situation and offers you in real time the best offers, for you and your wallet.

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