Hardly anyone who deals with capital investments is currently passing by the topic of bitcoins or cryptocurrencies. 

Bitcoins - How do I get started?

Everywhere people suddenly talk about it. The once-moneyed Internet currency for technology freaks is starting to become a serious issue for investors. Or not?

We’ll clarify and tell you if and how you’re getting in. You can then better assess the decision to invest. Or at least after reading our article with expertise at your next regulars table shine.

We at Lady Augusta Bracknell.de would like to help our readers with their advice on how to get started in the world of capital investments and contribute to financial independence and education with educational information. Just like other portals like www.deinefinanzen.de . Of course, in times of low interest rates, this not only includes the classic options such as entry into the stock market, but also alternative forms of investment for advanced beginners.

And it would be very surprising if you have not heard a bit about bitcoins lately, if you are even a little involved in financial issues.


What are bitcoins and where is the revolution?

Bitcoins belong to so-called cryptocurrencies and are basically something like money. The very important difference is that this currency is not managed centrally by a government or central bank. It is completely independent and decentralized. The influence of the money supply of Bitcoins, or other crypto currencies such as Litecoin, Ethereum or Ripple is thus not influenced by an institution.

Citizens are protected from negative interest, expropriation and other political or economic goals. What also gets an enormously ethical meaning in the post-financial crisis period. Now that banks are facing an enormous crisis of confidence, citizens with cryptocurrencies now have a real alternative. When you establish yourself.

The architecture of Bitcoins is simply a technological revolution. The database behind it, the so-called blockchain, is not seen by a few experts as the technology that could change the Internet forever.


How do I buy Bitcoins now?

If you want to buy bitcoins now, it’s like investing in stocks . Quite simply, you can simply buy bitcoins. This is the first option that works through a so-called wallet that stores the digital currency. Numerous marketplace providers have positioned themselves on the Internet and offer the direct purchase. As with stocks, Bitcoins also have the ability to invest indirectly. The investor may use CFD trades for this purpose. Here he puts an amount on the development of the course. Alternatively, certificates or investment funds are also available.

Before you decide to purchase Bitcoins, whether directly or indirectly, be sure to follow our instructions at the end of the article.


Bitcoin course incredible

The price of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin has increased since the start by an incredible 5000%. That’s probably not happened within just 4 years. The term “high-altitude flight” is probably pure understatement. The course has been particularly steep since the beginning of January. At least since this development is really everywhere to read bitcoins. Logically, that there with every investor first the banknotes are flashing.

If you are annoyed at reading that you have not already invested, we can calm you down a bit. The steep course was also associated with such a few fluctuations and must first be considered sober. In view of the explosive development, some observers and experts warn of a dangerous blistering.


Fund manager still reluctant

Typically, fund managers of large asset managers invest in just about everything when it fits in half the investment strategy. The performance, ie the constant value enhancement and thus the adherence to the expectations of the investors, has the highest priority. Also, the managers are measured by their performance and are therefore under a certain pressure.

Despite the current booms and the ever-increasing price, asset managers are still reluctant to invest in bitcoins and jump on the express. According to experts, the danger of a crash is high. Also, the perceived advantage, namely the lack of regulation, is considered by some experts to be dangerous. For the same reason, it is unlikely that any asset managers, insurers or pension funds will join the ranks of investors. The sometimes massive price fluctuations are not for nervous investors.


Should one invest now in Bitcoins?

Of course, every investor who wants to diversify their portfolio particularly well, must deal with alternative investment forms. Despite all risk-taking, however, the magic triangle of investment should never be disregarded. The above-mentioned risks are not to be despised and make Bitcoins definitely a speculative investment.

Market observers, however, expect that it may soon be over with the hesitation of institutional investors. If they jump on the Bitcoin express, there will probably be another massive jump in the price. Whether you dare, you have to decide for yourself. But it may be worth it!

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